My sweet pet, my precious little girl, I want you to do something for me… today and every day. When you do it doesn’t matter; find a quiet time. Perhaps before bed, maybe when you get up… some days you may seek this comfort in the mid-day, but every day, no matter how chaotic, no matter what is wrong, no matter how you hurt—find this quiet time for us.

The task is simple: Go to your room, put my collar around your neck, and kneel—your head bowed, your eyes lowered, and your hands clasped gracefully behind your back. Be comfortable; this is not a burden or a punishment. Pad your knees; care for your body and find a position that brings peace and focus. Shut out all distractions… perhaps beside your bed, maybe facing the wall… you safe, quiet, and alone with your thoughts… kneeling for me, with my collar around your neck.

Anyone discovering you would think you are praying, and they would not be wrong. No, of course you do not pray to me, but your soul quivers before the power of this thing we do, before the beauty and clarity of your submission. Take a moment; clear your mind, and relax.. maybe do the meditation I gave you… breathing in, and out… find that quiet place.

Then turn your thoughts to me, to us. Why do you kneel? Why is there a collar around your neck? Consider your submission. There is no humiliation or degradation in this place; you kneeling for me is a thing of beauty, a stunning sunbeam of pure love and devotion.  You are a proud, strong girl, but not before me—you humble yourself before me.  No matter what is wrong with the world or what is difficult for us, this is right and this is easy: You give yourself to me. You are mine.

After a few moments, rise, and return to everyday world, but not all of you. Leave some little part of you where she must always be—the little girl there, in that place, kneeling before me. Because you are mine.

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